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make filters in Interface pages "sticky"

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One of the very best things about grids and lists in interfaces is that they can be filtered locally, that is, user A can find records where State = TX while user B is looking at records whose State = FL at the same time and using the exact same interface. Solves a huge problem with views in classic Airtable. Fantastic.

What I ask Santa for when I say my prayers: Let user A's (and user B's) filters on that interface page stick until that user resets the filters or edits them, even if the user switches to another interface page. At least make it an option that can be toggled in the options panel for the grid or listing object, over on the right side of the page in edit mode.

Why it matters. Here's an example from my school management base. User starts in Interfaces by finding parents, say, by name ("Porter"). Now, she wants to jump over and confirm something relating to the children of the Porters who are attending the school, so she clicks on the 'tab' for Students, and finds the Porters there. Now she wants to go back to the parents. She has to redefine the filters for Parents every time. Curses!

It would be bliss to have the records displayed on a given interface page stay put until the user asks for the selection to be changed.

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I need this too, or perhaps I should say that I am praying for it, or writing to Santa for it. In addition to @WilliamPorter 's example, I will add that I have created multiple pages per record for data entry, and when I go from one page to the next, I'd like it to stay on the same record.