Missing "Open record creation form" action on some buttons

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4 - Data Explorer

I've got a button on an interface Kanban that opens the record creation form right on that same interface page, which is really helpful. However, I'm now trying to put a button to do the same thing on a different page of the interface, which started as a blank page, and that button action ("Open record creation form") isn't an option.

Am I missing something about the button setup, or is this a bug? The form I want to open exists in the same interface, but being able to create new records without having to leave the page is a time saver, as is the ability to create records with a nice curated form rather than just using the inline record creation option, which jumps around because of our default sorting and has a million fields on it by default.

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

One of the strange things about Airtable's interfaces is that each type of interface page has a different set of options to choose from than the other interface pages.

If you've started with a "blank" interface page, you can't recreate the same exact functionality that you're looking for, but you can get pretty close. You can take the user to a form in a new browser tab (or the same browser tab).

When editing your "blank" interface page, go to the lower left corner, choose "Add Element", then click "All Elements", then you can choose "Button". (Note that you can also choose "button fields" as well, which would be listed in your field list.)

You can add that button to your interface page, and then take the user to a form to add new records.

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I don't think you're missing anything I'm afraid; those two buttons just have different functionality.  The last time I had this problem I ended up creating a form page and redirecting the user back to the interface, which works but is way less smooth of a flow for sure