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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all, I'm looking for a solution to the following - When someone on my team is mentioned in the comments on a project they are a collaborator on, it sends them an email notification. In that email notification it links to the actual data section of the base in an expanded record view. Is it possible to get it to link to the page of an interface instead? Or to turn off those notifications and set up an email automation instead? I don't want them using the data section of our base.



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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello @Megan_Lask ,

To my knowledge, Airtable does not offer the possibility to configure the email sent by the notifications.

And if you are looking to set up an automation with personalized email, you will probably have to set up a comment section and not use the native airtable comments.

Darn! Maybe I'll work with Airtable support to figure out how I might be able to set up the automation. Thanks for your reply!

Hi there! I wanted to ask what you meant by setting a “comment section” as opposed to the native Airtable comments. Could you elaborate on that for me? Thanks!

Hey @Ashley_Jackson,

Sure. What I mean is you can create a separate table with a long text field, a user field and maybe a status field.

Then you link this table to your original table.

In your interface, you can add a button called Comment, that redirects you to a form to write a comment with the record id prefilled.

Finally, in terms of notifications, you can set up an email notification with a link to the record in the interface.

Hope it makes sense and helps you.

Hey, Thanks so much for responding!  That's a handy little workaround haha!  I guess you could create a "feed" of comments with something like a list field in Interfaces?  But you couldn't reply to comments thread-style.  Can you still @ other users from within long text fields?  I've never tried that haha!  I suppose with automations, you could possibly create one that watches for the @ symbol, but you wouldn't get the little pop-up to autofill user names.  Interesting ideas, though!  Thanks so much!

No problem. Basically you can add a field where you can tag the users. Check the photos below :