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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Bonjour, quelques question sur les interfaces :

  • Est-il possible de partager une “interface” sans que les personnes puissent aller dans la “base” ?
  • Est-il possible que seul le “owner” puisse partager une interface ? je trouve un peu risqué que n’importe qui puisse partager une interface, et donc la base finalement.

Merci pour votre retour !


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I am sorry, but I do not speak French.

It is not possible to share an interface with people who are not collaborators in the base. (If you share an interface with someone who is not a collaborator in the base, the person is made a collaborator in the base.)

Anyone who is a collaborator on the base can share the base. You cannot prevent other users from sharing the base without your knowledge.

This is a real issue.
We should be able to use interface and give specific access, that’s the whole point of interface. Not giving access to the whole base but just specific tabs and records to be completed. When will this be available?