Permission Error When Adding Row From Interface

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

We have a number of users who have interface only access (i.e., no base access). One of our pages uses a 3 level list. When they attempt to add a new linked record/new row through the interface by using the + icon (e.g., a task or action), they get a permissions error. Any insight about why this might be happening would be helpful.



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Some questions:
1. Are they able to successfully add records to another table via the Interface or edit data via the Interface? 
2. Can you provide the text of the permission error? 
3. Does the table they're trying to create records in have any table permissions set? 
4. Are there any field permissions set for that table?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the response.

1. Yes, they are able to add records to other tables in the same database use other interfaces. In fact, they are able to add records to the same table using a different interface that I've setup, including creating new linked "tasks" out of a grid view of the "deliverable" table. This is the step that causes it to error from the 3 level list.



3/4. I've reviewed the table and field permissions in the base/table and they all appear to be the default.

Weird!  If you could duplicate the base without the records in it and invite me to it I'd love to poke around to see whether I can figure something out

Sorry I couldn't help!