Pre-fill Record Picker Via URL?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone

I have an Interface built out that has a record picker with fields and such below. I'm wondering if theres another way to get a user to that page and pre-fill the record picker. 

If I let users just expand details via a grid/list/gallery it's not as in-depth as if I use a record picker + regular page combo, so I want to get users there another way. I tried using ?prefill but it didnt work. 

Maybe someone knows of a workaround? Wish you could connect a filter to a record picker, but ya can't. I'm just trying to make charts and graphs and have more than 2 buttons in a grouping 😭

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Hmm, I assume we're talking about the Interface record picker element?  If so, your URL should look something like this:

And so it's:

And so you should be able to prefill the specific record picker element ID by modifying the RECORD_ID value