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[Request] Bringing (Chart / Pivot) Extensions to the Interface

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you’ve got those great Extensions (made by Airtable) like Chart Extension and Pivot Extension but in the Interface Designer, making Bar Charts for example has substantially less options.
For example, there is no option to group by to get such a chart:

Are there any thoughts on bringing the most popular/most used Extension applications also to the Interface soon? It is actually quite annoying to create a Dashboard in the Interface perfectly knowing, that a better, more insightful Dashboard remains hidden inside the actual Base.


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I agree, I miss the pivot table option in the Interface designer.

This would be a killer feature for interfaces, and it would be great to know if it is on the roadmap :thinking:

I'm needing to see Script Extension embedded within Interface. I'd like the choice to either directly embed Extensions into Interfaces without the Dash (and whitespace/irrelevant Dash buttons), and also to embed a Dash into an Interface.