Re: REQUEST: Share Links for Individual Interface Records + Embed on Website

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
  • Make it so that each record on a view has it’s own interface that can be shared by link (same way that we can share a certain view of records),

  • Make it so that the interface can be shared by embedding into a website (same way that we can embed from a view now),

Chiming in to say that I really appreciate this new feature– I have been very much in need of this exact thing. EXCEPT, the lack of ability to share that with people who are not on AT pretty much ruins it for me.

Here is how I am using this:

I run a company that has many consultants who run trainings for us, and we have base that is a list of everyone’s assignments, that we share in calendar view. Each event has a very long record attached to it because it holds all of the info needed to run that training. At the moment, the trainer goes to the calendar, clicks on that event, and then has to scroll through the record and read all the info. It’s not ideal because with syncing multiple bases, getting things in the right order is hard, its a lot of extra steps for our consultants and it is not particularly easy to read from the calendar view.

So, I used the interface to create a “trainer assignment sheet” that has all of the information that trainer needs. It looks great, easy to read, perfect. Except, I have no way to share each of those individual with the consultants who are doing that training. I am not going to pay $240 a year for each of consultants to access AT, when they really only need to see 2-4 records a year. So that leaves me with a gorgeous, self-populating interface that the people for whom it is for, cannot access.

Really hoping this is coming very soon!! Thank you!!!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Agreed. This feature is necessary to get any value out of interfaces.