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I'm loving the new Current User on Interface.

But is there a way to get Roll Ups to reflect the data for that user?

Use Case:
I currently assign different users tasks. 

I have a Roll Up that shows the last date the task was done.

So if Dwight did the task on 15th, and Kevin did it on the 20th the current Last Date would say 20th.
I need it to show the last day Dwight shot it when he's looking at the data.

Alternatively, Is there a way to include Current User in a formula? I could possibly make a field that reflects that, and then filter the Roll Up based off of that. 

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You cannot put "Current User" in a formula field because formulas are calculated on the server for all users and there is no "current user". You could have a user field where people manually select a user, but I don't think that is what you want.

Rollups only work across linked record fields. You could trying creating a "Users" table, and move the "Airtable User" field to the [Users] table, with a formula field as the primary field to get the user name. Then convert your existing {User} field to a linked record field that links to the [Users] table. Then you can do rollups in the [Users] table.

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Thanks. I see the line of thought. 
However that won't work, because what I'm trying to do is tie everything to the logged user.

Your solution fixes the Roll Up, but breaks the Logged User.

For now, I'll just split different Roll Ups for each user and give them each their own interface.

Oh well. Thanks.