Users suddenly partially lost access to data in interface

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


between yesterday and today something happened and our users suddenly lost access to part of the data visible through an interface. For example inventory data is visible, but product data is not although you can see product details by opening an inventory item and looking at the linked records.

I suddenly got it to work with a user by creating a new page linked to product table and creating a copy of the original product table-linked page. Then I tried removing the copy and the new product info page duplicate and it didn't work. When I tried to do this again, it didn't work.

I also was able to get it working by giving the user base access, but we don't want to do this for various reasons. We want them to be able to see the data through the interface, edit it through the interface but not have access to the raw base data.

I created a copy of the original interface and invited the user, but it doesn't work (same error, only inventory visible not product page). If I created a barebones interface with inventory and product pages it worked when I invited a user.

I've spent a lot of time and effort to make this interface nice and it seems like some corrupt access rights within the interface pages are causing issues. Has anyone had this happen to them? This is a pretty big bummer in my opinion and makes me consider whether the product is reliable to use for important operations or not.

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I would suggest opening a support ticket about this as that would guarantee a response from Airtable; the forum's mostly non-Airtable staff

Did that before posting but they are pretty slow to respond - wanted to see if we are the only ones affected and if others had figured out better work arounds

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6 - Interface Innovator

Same issue here. Also posted a ticket days ago but no response.

I've noticed that it's caused by Interface pages that use a 'Layout' when creating a new page. I.e., choosing 'Blank' will not cause any issues for accessing data, but choosing one of the pre-set layouts (that don't allow you to add multiple record viewing elements to the same page) will cause the data to be inaccessible.