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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

I’m creating a simple stock control for a small warehouse, so i have an interface, with a gallery that is pre filtered to only show records with the stock status “pending”

Now i’m wanting to add a number of filter options to the top of the interface to aid with searching through multiple records. For example i have included a filter that searches to see if the description contains the text that the user input into the box. You could then filter again by selecting a supplier.

If i link one filter to the connected element (the gallery) it seems to unlink the second filter which means only 1 works at a time. I have also tried rather than adding in a new separate filter, adding one to the current filter, but this then creates an “AND” filter which is not correct for what i need.

Are there work arounds for this?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

An element that displays multiple records in an interface can have a fixed filter for the data and a connected filter element. While the fixed filter can have multiple conditions, and the connected filter element can have multiple conditions, you can have only one fixed filter and only one connected filter element.

The fixed filter has conditions set by the creator of the interface page. You can have or conditions here. However, none of this can be changed by the user. Any records that do not meet these conditions will not be shown to the user.

The connected filter element can be changed by the user. However, it cannot be set to show more records than are shown by the fixed filter. The connected filters are always combined with the fixed filter using “and”.

One option is to use a formula field that combines the fixed filter conditions. Then don’t use a fixed filter at all. Have the filter element filter based on the formula field. It’s an ugly workaround and can be hard for users to understand, but can work in a pinch.