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Hey everyone

I’ve started making a platform called AirPros, which makes it easier for consultants and clients to connect in the Airtable community.

While I think the ‘Work Offered’ forum is great, I think the community could benefit from something slightly richer in features and structure. For example, a browsable list of consultants, ratings & reviews, rates, remote/not-remote filter, etc.

If this sounds interesting to you, it’d be helpful if you could answer a couple of questions.

If you’re an Airtable business user:

If you’re an Airtable consultant:

Thanks! Looking forward to your thoughts :).

(Apologies if this isn’t the correct forum section for this!)

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Hey there Alex. Would have loved to have seen you around a bit more before asking for this. I will hold off on answering this until there’s a bit more engagement with the community.

Best of luck!

I’ve been lurking for a long time, but totally understand you. Hope to hear from you soon about it!

Creating a B2B (or B2C) marketplace is no small feat. And doing so for Airtable is even more challenging because vastly, people who choose Airtable (a no-code platform) do so because they want to avoid the higher total cost of ownership of alternative platforms.

The few [paid] engagements that occur within the community is a reflection of Airtable’s strength. It seems likely that Airtable will only get better at negating the need for pervasive consulting. As such, this idea may be a non-starter. Just sayin’ …