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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We are looking for a customized Airtable template/design to organize and streamline our client data. In addition to the usual contact info, we are keeping track of specific interactions, requests, needs, and observations. We would like to run any number of reports based on the data entered. Here is a google sheet that shows some of the types of information we are tracking:

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hi @Kate_Reddish,
sounds like a very interesting project. I would love to know more about it and discuss how we could collaborate on it. After having set up the structure properly in Airtable with all the different connected tables, we can tackle the report generation and have multiple options to aggregate the data, ultimately sending the reports in your preferred format (emails, PDFs, etc.). Would you be available for a quick call in the next few days to go over the project and your needs? Let me know, looking forward to speaking with you!

Calendly link: Calendly - Alessio Monino

Hi Kate and welcome to the community!

Always design systems with the end in mind. Airtable is not known for its reporting capabilities, so you need to be really clear about the requirements:

  • Who the reports are for (i.e., the reporting personas, stakeholders, etc)
  • How each persona expect the report data to be delivered (PDF? Dashboard? Table? Interfaces UI?)
  • How the data is organized within each report (charts, metrics, etc)
  • How easy should it be to add new reports or change existing ones
  • What level of security is needed for each reporting process

Without these business requirements, your selected consultant will be at a disadvantage.

Be sure to circle back with a show-and-tell success story.