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4 - Data Explorer

We have built a CMS system for our content and marketing initiatives and require a few automations/formulas to make the system more user-friendly for us.

I’ve listed these in order of priority:

On the content side, we have a number of deadlines to meet, based on the Status (phase of the project).

At present, the table default is to sort based on Publish Date.

REQUEST: We’d like automations/formulas written that would alter the sort based on the Status (and the corresponding due date).

For example: Status is changed from 1st Draft to Z: Feedback of 1st Draft → The sort order would then be based on the deadline assigned to Z: Feedback of 1st Draft and not the deadline for 1st Draft.

AIM: To be able to view all tasks for all content pieces based on due dates (not just based on status or assigned to or publish date).

We just need someone proficient to go in and add the automations as per the “formula” → When Assigned To changes to XXX, notify XXX in Slack (there are already a few examples in the Automations, just need someone to complete the rest).

We created this table with the hope that once a specific Status was reached in the Content table, the content piece would then automatically shift to this table AND there would be an automatic upload to our Wordpress site.

The problems we ran into:
*Can’t write custom code, use a WP plugin or get access to FTP for our site (these are no-go zones for anyone outside of the company).
*At the moment, we believe you cannot automatically upload a draft version to Wordpress only a published piece (so it goes live, immediately).
*At the moment, we believe the only way to automate a Wordpress upload is to create a NEW row… but we don’t do that, we have an existing row with a new Status.

NOTE: We are open to other suggestions, but do not want to recreate our entire Airtable system (unless you have a VERY compelling reason to take this drastic step).
We are also open to other suggestions to help us streamline or simplify our process, but don’t have unlimited budget, time or manpower. Our priority is to address the three needs above and then discuss other options.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


Hope you are doing well.

Surely, I can assist you with your requirements.

Please Reach me on my Email-, Skype - cis.seth to get the quote.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


Hope you’re doing well, I can help you with your requirement.

kindly email me on or add me on skype: - live: noah_3861

Hope to hear from you soon.



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Hi Romana,

I hope you’re having a great day!

I’ve read through your requests, and I’ve also taken a look at your Airtable base.

We can certainly accomplish the tasks you’ve mentioned without having to do an Airtable “overhaul”.

I’d be happy to discuss some ideas with you, as well as getting a better understanding of how the Airtable will be an asset to your team and business. As a full time freelancer based in the U.S., I am very familiar with Airtable, Web Design, Zapier / Automations, Digital marketing and other online software.

Once we’ve discussed your vision and goals, I can then provide you an accurate price and timeframe to get the project started!

Schedule a free phone consultation via this link:

To learn a little more about myself, please visit my website:

If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, please do so here:

I look forward to hearing from you!

Eric Kline

Hi Romana,
Yes, you can do everything that you want to do very easily & quickly & effortlessly with Airtable — including your desire to create Drafts in Wordpress instead of Posts.

If you’d like to hire an absolute expert to help you create this system, that’s exactly what I do for businesses. :slightly_smiling_face:

My name is Scott, and I am an expert Airtable consultant & programmer. You can learn more about me at

If you’d like to setup a Zoom videochat to discuss more about your system, feel free to contact me through my website.


Hi @Romana_King, and welcome to the community!

Here’s some friendly advice in addition to Scott’s very confident and clear implementation ideas.

Moving content from one table to another is often a complex and difficult process, but using he logical properties of Views makes this very easy and far less costly. I write a lot of technical requirements for bigger firms and it’s really important to convey to consultants your objectives without biasing the implementation details. Explain only the business requirements and consultants will typically find the best approach.

This is a key advantage if it can be pulled off because live linkages between Airtable and customer-facing content is risky.

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hi Romana,
If you are still on the lookout for some help, feel free to reach out to me as what you are wanting is well within my skill set.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,