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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We are a social impact driven consortium of international development consultants, and we are looking for the help of an advanced Airtable user, ideally one who is an independent consultant or aligned to our mission. As a consortium we are operated by members for members.

We have an established base that we use for about 50% of what we want to use it for, starting with membership management, through sales/opportunity pipeline tracking, project management and sub-contract management. To facilitate peer updating we currently utilise Stacker to enable members to see and edit some of our Airtable data.

The base works fine, but as we have grown it needs to be optimised to improve linkages between tables and probably eventually restructured to enable it to serve us better. We want to build a relationship with an independent consultant by starting small and expanding our ambitions with Airtable as our internal data management teams capacity to work with AT grows.

We have two small and discrete issues to get started on:

  1. Creating a member reference system, whereby members who have been selected as a referee by a new member are able to upload a reference about the new member. We are hitting problems on this because Airtable does not seem to permit 2-way linking between tables and records.

  2. Automatically split a record with multiple select values (multiple member names) into individual rows (sub-contracts) in a new table. See this request for more details:

Apply by completing the short form here:

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Not sure what you mean by this, Are you talking about bidirectional linking? All links in Airtable are automatically bidirectional, except for links that point to the same exact table.

Splitting values is simple with a JavaScript or, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you actually need. What it sounds like you need is to restructure your base as a many-to-many relationship:

If you need to hire an expert Airtable consultant, feel free to contact me through my website, although I do not work with Stacker:

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