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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hey everyone! My name is Elza and I work with @Mikayla_LaRosa on our education team at Airtable.

I wanted to introduce myself and share an update with you all as you start to dive into our guide. I’m based out of New York City and have been at Airtable for about 8 months now, so have very recently been in your shoes when it comes to being a new creator!

Over the last week, we’ve started to assemble our learning group and we’re so thrilled to have each of you join us.

Here are a few questions that may be top of mind for you –

Who’s in this group?
Just to give you some context, we’ve brought together over 100 new creators spanning across more than 20 companies – all with the same goal of learning Airtable.

Where do I start?

Where should I ask questions or share feedback?

  • We’d love to answer any and all of your questions! Feel free to reply to any forum post and our team is here to jump in.
  • Use the forms to share feedback on the guide content as you explore.

Stay tuned for more introductions from our team in this group and we’d love to meet you, too! We can’t wait to see what you create in Airtable and hear your thoughts on the guide.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Airtable Community! My name is Nichole and I am leading our efforts around Creator Programs here at Airtable. I’ve been at Airtable for 2 years now based out of NYC, but soon moving to Austin!

Does anyone in this cohort have tips for top restaurants to explore in Austin? My fiance and I are BIG foodies and are making a list of places to we must try once we get down there!

I mentioned I have a fiance, and right now I am using Airtable to plan our May 2023 wedding and trying to automate everything! If it isn’t enough to just plan a wedding, we’re doing it internationally so using Airtable to organize my personal life outside of work has been super helpful! If you’re interested in Automating more of your life too, you can check out some of the guides we have on this topic!

Who else is participating in this cohort with me!? Reply to this thread!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!


Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hello friends!! My name is Dustin and I work on all things customer education-related here at Airtable. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m based out of Seattle :evergreen_tree: and just celebrated my 1 yr Airtable-versary in May.

When it comes to my favorite Airtable feature, I’m a huge sucker for the grouping capability in grid view. As a loooonnnnng time spreadsheet nerd, these seemingly small things that Airtable lets me do with records are completely thrilling in my eyes. The number of times I’ve banged my head against limitations of showing & presenting data in simple ways with other solutions - well you get the idea. I just really love this stuff. Heart

In my free time I like to search out restaurants in Seattle that serve tater tots so I can keep a running list of who has the best tot offering. I miiiiiight be keeping that list in Airtable. :winking_face: Let me know if you’d like to see it or if you keep your own lists of cool stuff in Airtable.

Excited to be here and get better at Airtable alongside each of you!



7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello everyone - Thank you Airtable Creator Kickstart team for this great opportunity.

First I am so honored to be here.

I started using Airtable in July 2020 as a consultant for virtual event.

I love spreadsheets. Started out with Boeing Calc (if anyone even knows what that is) - Was one of the first QA testers of Excel (before they even had QA testers). Taught several years advance spreadsheet design, did some amazing things in Excel.

Been a bleeding edge technologist in some ways, and a diehard in others. Taught myself RBase for Dos, Filemaker, and a few other Database programs but could never get the system to work the way I wanted. Learned MySQL, but again, too much overhead to create things that were useful and could be expanded.

Over time I still did bleeding edge looking for the pairing - database/project management: Asana, Trello, a couple of other program/project management tools, but again overhead and the lack of cohesion.

Same with Pipedrive/Salesforce - for CRMs. Overhead… learning curves, hard to link stuff, and figure out.

So when I was asked to learn Airtable and help unravel their mess they had made - I sat down one weekend, went through the few tutorials at the time - playing with the system and well unraveled their mess, created a bunch of new views, styles, links and we were able to get through that event managing 80 speakers, 58 hours of programming, 6 tracks and 30 sponsors. I liked I didn’t have to scrap what they had built, just cleaned it up, learned about sync and how to use views/hiding fields, creating forms that had conditions.

I took some Udemy classes on Airtable. But I found them lacking.

Now I am building something to help me and my own business.

I am a crafter/artist.

I create customized greeting cards that are gifts in of themselves, beaded jewelry that is really unique and one of kind pieces, memory books, book markers that are treasures in of themselves…you name it, if it’s paper, bead, or fabric - I work in it and with it. But they are all customized for the client.

I have a lot of crafting supplies (sometimes I refer to myself as a store) which is where my problem starts.

My overhead for me is is the back and forth between me and the client on settling on what supplies, style and design their piece is. I want to be able for them to comfortably be able to look through the designs I have, and what I have made based on conditions/answers from a questionnaire, then show them the options in the inventory to help them craft the basic elements of their gift.

While at the same time I am still able to build add to inventory, CRM, track existing designs/pictures, manage commission projects and provide forms for folks to fill out to start a commission.

I am here to take myself to the next level of Airtable as a designer, utilizing my 35 years of SQA, Tech Writer and Project management in the corporate space and my love for build as you go and use as you build ideology.


Just a sample of my work…


Welcome @RonniEloff_VKDesign!!! I absolutely loved your example of being able to jump in with Airtable to help unravel event planning. My very first exposure to Airtable was also using it to coordinate speakers, sessions, and content for an event and it was like magic. :sparkles:

what I loved about it the second event I did I was able to post the schedule, the speakers bios up on line through the code for the rows.
Talk about a Game changer. I mean - It is such a pain to do scheduling everyone is always shifting, but to be able to real time update speaker/schedule changes without having to get the web team involved was AWESOME.

I saw yesterday someone who built and published their entire portfolio with Airtable, (web designer). I can’t wait to be able to finish the inventory connector so I can start putting up designs and be able to manage them easier.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All!

My name is Cara and I work for the University of Hawaii, under it’s Entrepreneurship center. I’m also the program manager for an association of family owned businesses.

My husband is a GIS (Geographic information systems) contractor and introduced me to airtable! We’re hoping to be able to use it to track student progression through our programs as well as manage our membership.

Our staff mainly use Trello to track tasks for our student workers, slack to communicate and we have google docs.

I’ve built out our base and started adding in records but its still not where we think it needs to be. So hoping to learn more here and be able to work out a better/more efficient base.

Looking forward to be a part of this group! Thanks in advance for your support.

Cara :hibiscus:

Welcome @Cara_Sawai!! Hooray for higher education use cases! :tada: You’re 100% in the right place to up-level your Airtable skills. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here in the forum if you’re trying to apply a technique from the getting started guides to your student progression base and get stuck or want another set of eyes. @ mention me if you post a question and I’ll definitely hop in to see if I can help. :grinning:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello Everyone!

I’m super stoked to be here, albeit arriving a little late after a stellar camping trip in Eastern Oregon!

I started using Airtable in 2021 to organize my tasks and social media management for a nonprofit I work for. I now use it to organize my entire freelance work life, photography, and publishing schedule for articles. I know the platform can do so much more than my basic understanding allows, so I’m here to gain some mastery - I want to learn how to be an Airtable Wizardress.

Looking forward to this journey with you!


Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Welcome to the community, @Michelle_McAfee!! That sounds like such an incredible trip :star_struck: Prior to joining the team, I also used Airtable to manage a social media calendar in my previous role and now use it for some personal photography projects, too. Learning to post to Twitter straight from an Airtable base was my fave :exploding_head: Feel free to ask any questions as you’re exploring the guides, and I’m happy to help out whereever I can!