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I have a field that is a formula (and the primary field in a table) (as you can see below)I have it in a sync view in the original table.I have my sync settings set However in the base table that it is being used to sync into the field shows as a lon...
I have a lot of different clients who are using internal data entry with customized forms through the interface designer.It's such a waste of space now.  And I'm stuck looking like it's external form when I just want a clean internal entry form for m...
I know how to make my date show correctly using DATETIME_PARSE(DATETIME_FORMAT({EDate}, 'MM/DD/YY'))And I know how to create a new string by using this formula{EDate (from Events For Sync)}& "- "&{EID#}But what I can't figure out is how to make the f...
Real simpleCreate a Chart in Airtable InterfaceSee nice chart belowNow Under Appearances - Turn on - Show record count on Chart  - Changes my sort order of my chart.I realize that I will be told to use some other product for my charts.  But when you ...
I have two issues that I am frustrated with that Google Forms does but Airtable public forms do not.One is the ability to close a form for submissions once it reaches a certain number of records, but leave the form context available for future -re-op...