Re: Why is my formula sync field becoming a long text when I use it as a sync field in another base

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a field that is a formula (and the primary field in a table) (as you can see below)

formula field.png

I have it in a sync view in the original table.

origin of sync.png

I have my sync settings set



However in the base table that it is being used to sync into the field shows as a long text field



This doesn't seem right!

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The field shows up as a text field in the sync because your formula outputs text. You should be able to change the type to single line text if you prefer that look and feel.

Formula fields do not show up as formula fields in synced tables; the field type is determined by the output type of the formula.

Another one of those real odd things AirTable does then. Thanks for the info.