A Field is not syncing properly - Can someone please help?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello Guys,

I have a problem with one field getting synced in another place.
This is field with lookup values by creating relation column.

While syncing this particular table to another base, it only shows one value rather than all.

So basically, it is showing unique value only once.

Is this the bug or that’s how it works?

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I’m not seeing that behavior on my end (yet), but who knows… Airtable is constantly changing things, and they randomly choose people to test new features on, so that might be a new “feature” that they’re testing. Although it would be an unwelcome feature because it assumes that everyone wants duplicates removed. I would email and see what they say about this.

Thank you @ScottWorld for the reply.
If this is not happening at your end, is it something wrong I am doing at my end? Do you suggest anything to overcome this issue?

Temporary work around I did is to change the column type from Single Select to single line text. This worked.