A single quote before a dash in CSV export

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Apparently when a dash aka minus sign is used as the first character of a text field, a single quote is inserted in CSV export. There's no need for this and it confusing when you expect a normal CSV export behaviour.

Can you please list the extra character insertions you do beyond what the CSV format requires?

EDIT: it's inconsistent even. Sometimes it inserts a single quote (that isn't there in the data) and sometimes it doesn't. Even two rows below each other.

% grep -o '..\- C[^ ]\+' exported.csv
,"- Choice
"'- Choice

After experimentation, we found that a single quote is inserted at the start of the value if:

- The value starts with a dash
- The value contains an opening round bracket (aka parenthesis)

This sounds like a bug rather then a feature to me.

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