Ability to build public calculator on top of my base

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey everybody,

I run a large online community and use Airtable to host the member directory. I ask for ~10 or so fields so that it is easier for members to find and connect with each other once inside.

I want to build a calculator or questionnaire that continually calculates how many members meet different conditions in the fields. The idea is to use this as a growth tool where new website visitors can better understand how many of their peers are in the group before they submit their information to join.

Does anybody have any recommendations here?

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Try the setup below, I’ve sketched out the basic components that make it work. From there, you can share a view of the Conditions table publicly.

  • Base
    • Table, [Members]
      • Linked Record field, to [Conditions]
    • Table, [Conditions]
      • Linked Record field, from [Members]
      • Count field, {Link from [Members]}

Note that if a member satisfies multiple conditions, they will be counted individually for each condition. If you prefer to show people associated with multiple conditions in their own group, then you would instead share a view of the Members table, grouped by conditions.