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I have a calendar view of a database coloring the records “the same as” and then checked a single-select field called category in the database.

The coloring works perfect but I would like to know if it is possible to add a calendar color key on top or the side so you can at a glance check what the colors correspond to which type of entry in the category field.

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Welcome to the community, @Paula_Gonzalez!

This is not possible with Airtable.

However, you can create multiple different calendar VIEWS — each one filtered to show you ONLY ONE TYPE of event — and then you can name the VIEW whatever you’d like to name it. So all your different views would have different names representing their respective calendars.

Alternatively, you can combine all of your events onto a single calendar with an external calendar client such as BusyCal for Mac. Just like above, you can create multiple different views of your events in Airtable — each view representing a different type of event — and then you can share each view with your external calendar client, and color code them there. The big downside to this approach is that Airtable only sends the primary field to external calendar clients (in addition to start time & end time) — Airtable sends no other fields from the records.

For anything more advanced, you’d have to create your own custom syncing automation between Airtable and Google Calendar or Outlook using an external automation tool like Integromat.