Add color based on validation of data between cells

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4 - Data Explorer

I am struggling with adding a type of conditional formatting that will validate the dates within my table.
I have a cell for a date of when an item is created that is system generated from an API and then I have a billing start date that is manually entered that is prone to having transcription errors due to it being manual.

I want to enter a type of conditional formatting that would highlight, bold, color, anything if the billing start date is before the created date.

Thank you

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Hi @Jeffrey_LeBlanc - you can’t do any formatting on the two date fields, but when I’m faced with these sorts of requirements, I create a new field to highlight any issues:

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 15.15.03.png

The Date Check field uses a formula:

IF({Billing Date} < {Created Date}, '')

If you are on a paid plan you can also use the “record colouring” feature, although, personally, I find the highlighting a bit too subtle, so still tend to go for something like the above.