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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a Customers form and I want them to be able to add their pets. When I click +Add under Pets, I just get a list of currently entered pets. How can I actually add one? Thank you.



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HI @jimmycrackcorn,
I understand your need to derive fields from linked records, and while it's not feasible to do it exactly as you described, there are two effective solutions you can consider:

  1. Form-Based Approach: You can create a dedicated form focused on entering pet information. Just like you fill out the customer form, you can also complete the pet form and establish the connection between them. This method ensures a structured and organized way to manage both customers and their associated pets.

  2. Record Preview Interface: Another powerful option is to design a Record Preview interface for customers. Within this interface, you can seamlessly create or edit pet details connected while viewing customer information. This method provides a more integrated and efficient way to handle the data.

I highly recommend the second method, as it offers a smoother user experience and greater data management capabilities.

I hope this helps!