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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
  1. can i add a table to “long text” field?

  2. i want to add table that include colums " code - description - price" and then in another table at “long text” i want to wrote the code and it automaticly add the row
    table 1
    code - description - price
    “1167 - bike tire - 75”

teble 2:
i put the code 1167 and it write me the all row(“1167 - bike tire - 75”)

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No. Long text fields cannot display info in table format, not even if rich text is toggled on.

You can sometimes fake a table using code formatting and spaces to line things up, but the result is rarely satisfactory.

Nope. But I’m pretty sure a long text field containing a markdown table will render in a script extension as a table.

Using this notation, you can read that from a script extension and simply output the text using output.markdown(<longTextField>), and it will render in the sidebar as a nice-looking table. If this approach is practical for your use case, you could also add a button field which would launch your script extension and display the table.

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