Use WPMU Forminator Wordpress form plugin to populate an Airtable record using webhook

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I discovered a method that is reasonably simple to action that enables an Airtable user to integrate the WPMU Forminator plugin for Wordpress with Airtable. This allows form submissions in Wordpress to be added to an Airtable.

  1. Setup your form using Forminator in the usual way
  2. Activate the “Zapier” Forminator integration. hint we’re not gonna be using Zapier :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:
  3. Read and action the instructions here: Hey, please stop Webhook URL validating for Zapier | - crucial part is this:

changed the code in ‘forminator/addons/pro/zapier/forminator-addon-zapier-form-settings.php’
in line 227 i’ve changed the url exception to just https://, so i could put any webhook link I want in the settings

  1. Once the altered Zapier integration is activated for your form, you can now ask Forminator to send data to any webhook you like - See where this is going?
  2. Pop over to Airtable and setup a new automation that is triggered by a webhook, grab the provided webhook url and feed it back into the Zapier integration options for your form.
  3. Nearly there! Submit a form on your site so you have some data to play with in Airtable. Add a create record step to your automation and link the field data up appropriately. You get a chunk of other data to play with too as a bonus (url, date etc)
  4. Profit!

Don’t forget as you’ve made a manual alteration to a Wordpress plugin it will stop working if / when you update the plugin. Hopefully WPMU will get around to adding this as a standard option soon.

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