Adding a field in a message body in automations

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have searched the “ask the community” and the FAQ and am not finding the answers.
I am able to set up the trigger for automations, but I would like to be able to do two things in the action of sending an email.

1.) I would like the email to go to the person listed in the “owner” field. (example: AirtableOwnerEmailscreenshot1)
I have tried to put an email address in the “owner” field, but so far no luck.

2.) I would like the message body to include the “month” field. (example: AirtableOwnerEmailscreenshot2)

Any input is greatly appreciated.
thank you - Kitty

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Hey @Kitty_Matz!

Might be a small detail, but each time you are testing the automation, are you just testing the automation action to see if it works? Or are you starting the entire automation test beginning from the trigger?

If you create an automation, test the trigger, and start testing an action, even if the original record in the table is changed, the data being tested in the automation is like a snapshot of the record that triggered the automation.

So if you update the record’s Owner field and just go to test the action, nothing will be different because you haven’t loaded a new “snapshot” or payload of test data for the automation.

It’s a bit weird to explain, so please let me know if you need any additional clarifying information on it.

thank you, Ben.
it is not a weird question or explanation at all.
yes, I test every time I add a new component or variable. For the trigger portion i do one step at a time to make sure that Airtable is grabbing the data that I want, then once I get that section exact, I start working on the action portion. I will also take an automation that I know works and duplicate it, renaming it to test copy so that I can make modifications with out messing something else up.
I am trying “User” for item 1 to see if that works, I will let you know.
thank you so much!