Just took over for our Workspace - Previous Owner Left Company

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4 - Data Explorer

I took over a team a number of months ago that has responsibility for Airtable. The previous owner left the company and is unreachable. We are at our limits on usage and need to upgrade. Additionally, we have users we need to remove from the account. I am currently an Editor on our workspace. We have some Creator roles as well. But, the owner is no longer accessible.
I went to the in-app Help and asked my question there. None of the situations seemed to apply (or I misread them). I am a novice at the product.
If anyone has been through something similar and has specific suggestions I would really appreciate the help.
As additional info, I did open a support ticket. If that is my only option then that is done. I am just hoping there is something I can do before support reaches out.

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Hi @Darrell_Simmons

First, you need to be a Creator role

Second, if you cannot access the Owner account, there is little you can do. Because they should have transferred ownership to another email before they left. Not sure if Support can help you on that.

If you aren’t using APIs (for Zapier or Make for example) a good practice would be to have another Workspace where you duplicate the stuff you need.