Adding attachments from Google Docs/Sheets/Drive via Airtable API can result in corrupted files

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7 - App Architect

Hello there,

I’m using Make / Integromat to create Google Docs and upload them as PDFs to Airtable. Occasionally this results (without obvious reasons) in broken PDF files. While the file name is correct, they’re missing a preview, open as blank and are read corrupted in external PDF apps.


The automation completes successfully. If I open the Google Docs PDF export link, the PDF comes out alright. This makes me think the PDF file breaks while being imported to Airtable.

Is there a known error, fix or workaround to this? I can’t find an indicator to tell the system the file is corrupted (still has regular file size) to let it redo it automatically.

Thanks for your input

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If this is still an issue, check this video out as probably it will solve your problem.


This is the video mentioning this solution: