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When we originally set up our Airtable SSO integration, it was set to match against the user primary identifier (we call it a netid) instead of using the email field. Let's say my netid is d39562b. When I log in with SSO, my account email address looks like:

However, if I don't have an Airtable account, and someone sends me an invite to join a base or workspace, the email goes to the email address which is my "real" one - Then if I accept the invite, my account email address will be that form ( If there's no existing account with that form, it will create an account for that.

So my problem is twofold:

Not only do users end up with two separate accounts (and different access to bases for each of them), but both accounts are often billable, so we pay extra for the separate accounts.

I'm quite sure I'm doing something wrong here, but I don't know what it is. Is there some way to convince Airtable to only send email out to style email addresses? Or is there some other way to solve this?

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Take care,
Joe Montibello

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