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How to create a link between Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew calendar in Airtable

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Hi all,

I am new to Airtable and new to the field also.

I am based in Israel and I am trying to build some tables where the Gregorian Calendar (which is the default) is linked to the Hebrew calendar.

For instance, I am creating a form where the user will either input an English date of birth or a Hebrew date of birth. In both instances I will need the table to calculate either the original Hebrew date, or the original English date. When it comes to due dates also, I would like to be able to query in either the Hebrew or English dates ie. all the birthdays in September or all the birthdays in אלול.

There are many sources of Hebrew dates out there, one I found on Hebcal website.

Can anyone help me achieve this? Many thanks in advance

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Hi everyone,

I found this API that can convert between Hebrew and Gregorian.

Any ideas how I would implement this in my Airtable?

Many thanks in advance,

There are multiple different ways that you can integrate a REST API with your Airtable database:

  1. You can use the Data Fetcher app:
  1. You can write your own custom JavaScript code, and run that code via Airtable’s Automations or Airtable’s Scripting App.

  2. You can use an external API automation tool like Integromat. You would use their HTTP tool to make your API request:

There are many other ways too, but those are the top 3 which popped into my head.