Re: Airtable-ADALO with the new upcoming API changes

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast



As a noob in the field i would like to discuss what content/guide should i study to prepare for 2024 API changes.


We use Adalo and Airtable with no automation on Airtable

I was reading this guide from Adalo:

Apparently if i get it right, i just have to change "the bearer key" while the link to the base record "" remain the same?



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I had the same question some time ago. While I moved a bit further from a noob in JS and Airtable, i'm still a noob with all these API and auth methods. I found my old code, on which I spent a few days to create, and even received help here, now it's my turn. Code creates new records on another base, I fixed it a bit until it works, then substituted the key with the token , ~15 characters string to a ~80 chars. I can confirm that it works the same.