Airtable keeps defaulting to wrong view

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a base with a master view and a public view. However, when I open the table it keeps selecting the public view (the second choice) by default and I have to click on the master view every time.

They are in this order in the view list:

Master view
Public view

Is there a way to have the top view (the Master view) to be shown when I open Airtable?

Please keep in mind I do not have a paid plan and can’t “favorite” any views.

Airtable Account: Free Plan
Records: 1,200/1,200 1000/1000 (I might have to find a different solution soon)
Automation Runs: ??/100
Extensions: 1/1 (TinyPNG Compression Script, looking for free alternatives)
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