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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I love the way airtable universe pages look.

How can I publish or create pages for my database like that to share with others?
Databases that wouldn’t be helpful for the universe community.

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A year and a half is plenty of time for an answer :frowning:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m assuming that you’re just talking about the fancy table of contents on the left hand side? If so, I was wondering the same thing. Would love to know if that’s possible.

Sharing data to a webpage to public users seems very complicated.

I am struggling with the same topic. I have great data, but finding the right solutions to publish my data in a secured (login/password) way, with a lot of filter options is very hard.
I’m under the impression you need to be above-average-Java-skilled, and I know I am not :winking_face:

I have been trying Awesome Tables (Google on that one) and I like their product a lot.


I tried the airpress - (airtable+wordpress) intigration and I can’t even get my data to populate. I am not a natural wordpress user so the learning curve is heavy.

I like the table2site service. But I have 10+ sites closing in on the project due date and the costs here are per site. I’m not sure how comfortable I am leaning on another service that could disappear in the night.

The most dependable option I have been able to produce results has been embedding the table view of choice into - google sites.

The embed option is of course very reliable. I am not going to say I am happy with how my google sites look at all. But its easy to share specific views.

Check out It’s a bit pricey, but I think it does exactly what you’re looking for. I’ve been playing around with it a bit and am extremely impressed. My use case is providing clients with a unique login to access their specific information stored in an Airtable record (including access to multiple linked tables). It’s important that the client sees their information, and only their information. Airtable fails miserably at this on its own. does this beautifully and without much effort.

What a great resource. Played with it all evening last night. I do find it annoying to be considering so many outside paid tools to do what this already paid tool should.

The data set up output looks like Zenkit’s newer “wiki” view feature.

I completely agree. It’s hard to justify another monthly subscription. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like improving access to data by non-table owners is a big priority for Airtable. I love the product, but this is one of the biggest holes IMO. I’m still playing with Stacker as well, but the more I play, the more I’m excited about what I can make with it. It’s really flexible and fills that great big hole that Airtable has left for displaying data for those outside of the organization.

Has anyone used Table2Site? I just came across it yesterday in my mission to create a content catalog that was “pretty” and is easy to do for someone (me) without any development know-how.

I was able to figure it out pretty easily and support was quick with replies when needed. I quickly discovered you will need to upgrade if you want to customize. Pricing is per individual website and that was a show stopper for me.

EDIT I just looked over the site and pricing has changed with multi site plans added. I may go have a relook now!

I highly enjoyed and found it to be a great solution and has seemed stable since my discovery a year or so ago.

Oh, that’s fabulous to hear @Dawn_Attridge :tada: They seem to have a lot of functionality with the free option, which is great for me to play around a bit. I’m hoping to hear from their team soon to see about getting an invite so I can access the premium plan. :crossed_fingers:

The only drawback to me seems to be that filters can be preset only (Button). So a customer will not be able to create his own filter. Once this is solved I’m interested.

Earlier this year I looked at for a solution to this but when I saw how pricy it was and the lack of customization of their website, I decided to jump in and create my own Airtable-to-website integration using php. I created a template that I’ve used for clients to create very complex web applications with members log-in portals, different paid membership, lots of member only content like news and events, etc. If this sounds interesting, let me know and I can share more of the details.

I would be interested. I am currently looking at pory, which is coming along nicely but does not have any member options at this time. I need users to be able to click/save multiple records to their user name. Much like a “favorites” list.

We are building, which allows building powerful websites & web-apps using Airtable as a database. We are soon releasing the User Accounts functionality, so users will be able to create Membership websites, like marketplaces, listings, upvoting sites and more :slightly_smiling_face:

I just launched Airvues which lets you make web apps with user accounts as well. Still in the early stage, but way more templates and functionalities coming soon!

Hi Enrique, I like what I saw on Airvues. I’m wondering how your system will deal with a base that has 15.000 records. I also am a little confused about the pricing. I talks about a price per website. I already have a domain name, and I’m just looking for a system that will link my base to a website and publish my data behind a login.
Do you have some more info for me? André

Hi Andre,

Thank you for checking out Airvues. I have some clients that have over 10,000 records. For these kind of applications Airvues uses pagination in order to speed up loading times. Airvues has 3 pricing tiers, a free tier which allows for 1 website and only some template styles, a starter tier which allows up to 3 websites and gives you access to all template types as well as custom domains, and the pro tier which allows up to 10 websites plus custom template support. You would probably just need the free or the starter tier, depending on what type of template you are looking for.

If you have further questions, please feel free to let me know on here or you can also email me at

All the best,

What about Crocoblock JetEngine for Wordpress?

It seems that their JetEngine WordPress REST API can talk with Airtable API.

Does anyone know anything about it?