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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

What were the pros and cons of migrating? What do you miss from JIRA? What makes Airtable even better than JIRA?

Just curious!

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You can integrate Airtable with Jira via Zapier without too much effort, especially if you only want to push the data one-way with JIRA being the “source of truth” I did this for one project where the Devs loved Jira, but the PMs and Marketing folks absolutely hated it. The PMs and Marketing folks much preferred viewing and parsing the data in Airtable, and using Blocks to reorganize the data without dealing with the clunkiness of Jira. Also, the records in Airtable can easily be linked to their Jira entries, as Jira stories can be directly linked and have a simple link structure to allow the links to be automatically created with a simple formula and the Jira story #.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

For what it’s worth, I decided to give Airtable a shot a little under a week ago. A couple days later, I 86’d the JIRA instance I had (just the low level $10/month plan) and I’ve been going fullbore with Airtable.

There were a couple things I was using JIRA for.

  1. (shocker) tracking some software projects that I’ve more or less neglected a while back.
  2. Hacking together some custom issues and workflows for tracking some state based legislation.
  3. More or less general project tracking.

While I was able to accomplish these things, JIRA had a few big turnoffs for me.

The main one was the interface change that they did. I didn’t use it a whole lot (which may have been a contributor), but I just found it clumsy and difficult to navigate to the boards.

Another was not being able to publicly share a dashboard. This was in relation to the legislation tracking stuff.

Both of these issues I’ve quickly found to be, well, non-issues with Airtable. The ability to publicly share a view (or a base) is great.

In terms of project tracking, I’ve developed out a couple different approaches with Airtable (one for my full time job, and one for work I do for the flight school I rent my aircraft from), and both of those have been working great. When I find a data model/workflow deficiency? Much easier to fix than in JIRA in my opinion.

I’m sure JIRA is great for certain things, but in my case, I quickly found Airtable to much better for my needs.

Probably the best facebook ad to have shown up on my feed, really.

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

A quick update related to Jira - we now have a Jira block that allows you to sync items from Jira into Airtable! Users can now collaborate with greater flexibility and visibility when working with engineering teams. You can read more about the functionality in the support article here:

To sign up for the beta, check out:

Is there any way I can update a status field in Airtable with the status of a Jira Issue in real time?