Re: Attachments in sent records not retaining format, instead converting to PNG

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have created a form that allows people to upload attachments. When I then send the record, the email that is sent out has converted these files (pdf & docx) into .png files embedded in the email sent by Airtable. How can I send a record in Airtable that keeps the attachments in their original format instead of converting them to images?

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Hm, may I know how you're sending the email? 

I attempted to replicate here but it sent the email as a PDF as expected.  Perhaps you can use it as a comparison?

I expand the record, the hit "More Options/Send Record" then enter my email address and send(as pictured). What I'm trying to do is have is send the attachments loaded into the form as attachments to the email sent through Airtable. When I send using the table you made it still formats it as a picture embedded, not a PDF. I appreciate your help!




Ah, I see!  So sorry, I thought we were attempting to send the record via an automation

If you were open to using an automation instead, perhaps you could create a checkbox field called "Send email" or some such, and make said automation send the email and attachment?