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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi. I just discovered Airtable today and I’m excited to get started.
I’m using the first column for each day of the year. How can I add several months at a time quickly? In Excel, I would just drag the last filled in cell down the column.

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You can do this in Airtable as well. I think you need a bunch of blank records to use the fill handle though. I would hit Shift + Enter a bunch

Hi. I tried that. I hold down Shift, when I hit enter, a text box opens up and the cursor just moves down the text box.

What @Kamille_Parks was saying is that you can’t autofill by dragging the fill handle unless you already have all of your blank rows already created ahead of time.

So you’ll need to create a bunch of blank rows first, and then fill in the first 2 rows with your dates, then hold down the shift key to select the date fields on those first 2 rows, and then drag the fill handle on the 2nd row downwards into your blank rows.