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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone !
I’m not new to Airtable, but I’m completely lost with the calendar sync …
I tried everything i saw on the web, but i can’t do what I want to do.
So here’s my goal:

I have a date column in a table, which is the “Next call date”. I would like to have a new calendar event created in my Google Calendar each time this date is updated

I tried this with zapier and views, I tried with sharing the airtable calendar. I thought to create as many columns as events I need, and views with certain filter as triggers, but it’s not really clean …

Thanks for help !!!

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Sorry to see that this hasn’t had any responses yet. My gut says that this could work in Integromat. Its triggering system is different than Zapier. One of the options you have to trigger a scenario is the changing of a record, or even a single field in a record.

In your case, you would add a “last updated” field that only updates based on changes in your {Next Call Date} field. With that as the trigger for an Integromat scenario, the rest of the scenario could add the Google Calendar entry based on that new date. Unlike the view-based trigger in Zapier, the same record can trigger the Integromat scenario multiple times.

Thanks, but I found an easy solution with zapier ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I just created an “Agenda” table, and i just add event in it, really easy/efficient.

Have a good day !