Automatic Character Limit for Forms

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4 - Data Explorer

Hiya! New user here, so forgive me if I’m being silly!

I’d like to limit character input into forms to a certain length (let’s just say 32 characters for argument’s sake). The proposed form is for clients who want to submit product descriptions to an app (hence the need for character limits). Now I could go through and check each one individually, but it’d be great if I could just set a limit warning instead. I read this previous post: but it still doesn’t solve the client-facing form issue.

One thought I had was another app integration? I haven’t checked if this is possible yet, although I suspect I’ll fall into the same character limit problems.

Has anyone got a suggestion or a neat way to make this happen? I’d be much obliged! If you don’t think it’s possible, please leave a comment saying so - it’d be great to know either way!

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