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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi…I’m creating a base to manage the process of booking groups for a hotel including blocks for bids, contracts and invoices. I created a historical table where I can input final room counts and revenue. Is there a way to have data from the RFP (request for pricing) table to automatically populate fields such as company, agent, arrival/departure date and room # contracted to the historical table so that I can just add the final numbers when the group has departed? If not, maybe I should add those fields to the RFP table and then filter for the specific details when I want an end of season report of the groups with rooms picked up and revenue. Can I also create a formula where the total revenue is automatically calculated by the rate times final room pick up numbers? Thank you for any suggestions.

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Hi (again :slightly_smiling_face: ) Emily,

Yes there is a way to do so and it is very easy.

Can you post some screenshots so we can help you better?

If you cannot post screenshots here, feel free to send them to my email

Best Regards,

Hi…I sent the screenshot to the email provided. Thank you.