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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi…I am creating a base to manage groups coming to a hotel including blocks for bids, contracts, and invoicing. I am trying to figure out the best way to organize my table to have multiple room type data (room type, number of rooms, rate) for one group tour. Right now, I have 3 records duplicated where the only thing that is different are those three elements. That just seems inefficient. What are your suggestions on how to organize this information. Thank you!!!

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Hi Emily,

Is there any other data common between those records other than the name of the company? If not, then I see no better way than having 3 separate records. However, I would use the Group By to have those records in one easy to see view.

Best Regards,

Hi Mo…Thank you! Here is a screenshot. The only thing that is different between the 3 duplicated entries are the room type, # of rooms allocated, and the $. Everything else is the same. I was thinking that I could have a field with multiple entries but the rate and # of rooms allocated are specific to that room type so that wouldn’t work. If I could collapse the 3 so visually there was one entry, that would help as well. Thanks.

OK…I guess that I can’t attach so I sent the screenshot to your email provided on the other post.
Thank you

Hi @Emily_Cooley,

The screenshots were not attached to the email (replied to your email).