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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All,

I am creating a database to keep track of the dogs boarding in my facility.

On one table I am wanting to keep track of the dogs feeding amounts and any medication, and then on the second table I am wanting to track the amount of exercise the dog has received.

The dogs housed within the facility changes frequently, so inputing the dogs name in to table 1 and table 2 daily seems like double handling. Is there any way for the dogs listed in table 1 to automatically generate in table 2?

E.g. If Gerry arrives to kennels, I can add him to table 1, and then his name automatically shows up in table 2?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Short Answer: Not without an integration.

Do you need to house exercise and food/medication in separate tables? Can you just have one table for dogs and one table for daily checkins?

Also this post may be beneficial to you:

I agree with @Kamille_Parks that a reworking of your base structure will probably help. Ideally you’ll have a table that just tracks the dogs’ names and basic information. You could have other tables where you track specific things like medication, exercise, etc., but those tables would simply link to the main table of dogs, rather than having the dogs’ information entered again.