Re: Automation to find record based on linked record value?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Table A = projects, with a linked record of “Property” to table B
Table B = property, with a collaborator field

Previously had a rollup field in Table A to pull a Property based collaborator into a project, then have an adjacent field in Table A to override this rollup with a manual collaborator as needed, and then an automation to update the actual collaborator field with the final result (override, or standard assignment). Total = 3 fields and 1 automation, and no single field for easy management.

Preferred setup: When property is selected for a project, automation runs to lookup the collaborator in the Table B, and assign on the single collaborator field in Table A. If the project lead needs to change this assignment, they can then just remove and reassign collaborator. Total = 1 field and 1 automation.

HOWEVER… when I go to setup automation:

  • Trigger: when property is updated
  • Conditional Action Condition: When property is not blank
  • Conditional Action Actions:
    • Find Records - search Table B for the property and get value of the Collaborator field
    • Update Record - update collaborator field in Table A with value from Find Records action

The problem is that when I do the find records actions, I can not use the Dynamic value of the property selected in step 1 to find the correct record in Table B, perhaps because its a linked record? Choosing this field all options become greyed out and has a “ :no_entry_sign: ” emoji on mouse pointer. Is there a way to find this record without creating yet another field for the linked record as a string?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Commenting to hopefully expand reach.