Best Method for Wordpress Post Integration?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have already tried Zapier, but am stuck as I have Advanced Custom Fields in my Custom Post Types. I have successfully imported fields to Google Sheets, but am stuck with the same issue.

I’m looking at Airpress and the Remote Database API today. Has anyone been successful with this?

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I just realized I asked and answered my own post.

Anyway, for inbound to WP we are using an airtable automation script to send a webhook to Zapier, usually based on a “something changed” trigger. This creates or updates the Wordpress posts via WP Webhooks Pro. We don’t need to use Zapier, but it makes it a lot more flexible with the airtable automation logic limits. It’s not doing API lookups to display records like Airpress does, it creates and updates posts along with the ACF field values. For ACF repeater fields and gallery images, we have a snippet from WP Webhooks to handle them, which a pain, but it works.

For outbound, we do the same thing in reverse.

Best thing is that I don’t need to create scripts on the Wordpress side to send the fields to Zapier like I used to. Also, WP Webhooks Pro has been rapidly improving their ACF compatibility so I don’t need the acf-rest-api plugin anymore (which had terrible support compared to WP Webhooks Pro anyway).