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4 - Data Explorer

Hi :vulcan_salute: ! I would like to use airtable to organize and access a client csv database with one million rows, but i can’t import it to the platform. Is there any way to do this?

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Hi @Felipe_Zveibil,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

The maximum number of rows (Record) allowed on the Pro Plan is 50,000. You can contact Airtable directly for the Enterprise plan if you are looking for something special.


If you absolutely, positively must have 1 million records in Airtable, there’s a way to simulate it. But it requires the actual storage (at rest) in a NoSQL database like Firebase. Using Firebase Cloud functions it is possible to simulate a giant database in Airtable by caching forward snapshots into an Airtable table and UI. Since Firebase is a real-time platform, it’s possible to mimic large data sets in Airtable with relatively good performance.

Another aspect of such an approach can be beneficial by blending the data caching model with a full-text search engine that is based on the open-source algorithm for ElasticSearch. This allows your users to search (in a Script Block or Custom Block) the 1-million record data set and see the results appear in a table in just a few seconds, even with 10 million records.