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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear Community,
Could you please help me with an airtable billing plans. For now I have a workspace with a free plan with 12 collaborators with an “editor” access that I’ve added for free. I’d like to add another workspace as a paid “Pro”. I know that I need to pay for each collaborator that I invite in a “Pro” workspace.
My question here, do I need to pay to my existing collaborators within a free workspace when I have a paid workspace?

Thank you!

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Hi @Olena_Kondratenko

The workspaces are seen as separate entities. So if you have a paid workspace, it will not impact another, free, workspace.

Thank you @Databaser ! I have another question,in case you know, is it possible transfer my existing database from my free workspace to the paid workspace? or It’s impossible.

Thank you!

Sure. If you are “owner” of both workspaces, you can click on the little arrow on your base name (on your Airtable “homepage”) and move it between both. Do bear in mind that, if you have any collaborators on a base in a FREE workspace, those will count as paying customers in your PAID workspace. So be sure to remove them first, or put them on “read only” rights.


Thank you @Databaser! Finally everything is clear now:)
Have a fantastic evening!