Calculate feilds, average them and do action based on the results - AUTOMATICALLY, HOW?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I am using Jotform.
All of my forms are integrated with Airtable.
I am looking for specific values in a specific cells, average them and then based on the results I am sending to specific clients new form, I would like that the “SYSTEM” will do it automatically (calculate the numbers and send new form that already prepared in advanced by me).

Is there a way to do it? Thank you.

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Hey there! Welcome to the community! I would recommend using a tool like Zapier or Integromat to do this based on a calculated field. So the steps I’d recommend you follow are:

  1. Create a field you want your automation to be based on (so the average of the fields you mentioned)
  2. Then create a view with the criterea you want to work with (e.g. average is between 10 and 15)
  3. The create a Zap or Integromat to look out for new records in this view and send the client a form

Hope that helps!