Can I view my future Airtable invoices?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have an annual Airtable payment due on December 7, 2023. I have to get prior approval for all software purchases, and I need to submit an official invoice for the approval. I can only see my past invoices (Nov. 2023 and before). Is there a way to see an invoice for an upcoming payment?

This is crucial because the payment is set to go through automatically. I will get in big trouble if I allow a payment to go through without getting the pre-approval. But I can't get the pre-approval without an invoice!

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Not that I know of. You could try to reach out to Airtable via, but I wouldn't hold my breath. 

Airtable does not create an invoice in advance for self-serve accounts because they do not know if you will add or remove users in advance.

However, if you purchase a business (or enterprise scale) plan through their sales team, you can get an invoice. You may have to meet minimum user numbers to qualify for purchasing through the sales team.