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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

My base seems to be somewhat frozen. For example, if I’m trying to show a field in a view I’ll click on the hidden fields button and then select the field I want to see. However, when I click on the field the hidden fields box closes and the view does not get updated. Similar things happen when I’m trying to select an update to some fields. Like I’ll make a selection in a multi-select field and nothing happens. This is happening across several logins on different computers with different OS’s. Has anyone experienced an issue like this?

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Hey @Michael_Harrison!

Out of curiosity, have you double-checked that your permissions are chillin’?
It’s worth double-checking your permissions in the base, the table(s), and for individual fields.

I’ve also found that strange behaviors can be caused by releases made by Airtable or from just simple bug fixes.
In those scenarios, I’ve always resolved them by logging out, clearing my cache, and logging back in.

If you cannot resolve the behavior, I recommend pinging Airtable support.