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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Clicking on “Help” and then "“contact support” goes nowhere. No page opens. No dialog. Nothing…

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Check your browser’s popup blocker. Clicking “Contact support” is supposed to open a dialog in the lower-right corner where you fill out several fields. To me it doesn’t feel like a popup, but perhaps some browsers treat it as such. The other option is to use this page.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks but a) I’m no using a ad blocker and b) the link you sent also takes me to a blank page!
Tested in Chrom and EDge.

I do note that there are some CORS errors in the console…


Thanks for the heads-up. That used to be a working page with a support request form. I’ve been sharing that link for quite a while, but you’re the first person to point out the change, and I have no idea when the change was made (I shifted some time ago to use the in-app feature that’s not currently working for you, but kept the link handy to share here). The only other option is to just email them directly:

The other option would be for someone to find out and then fix the problem!

I don’t subscribe to the “something doesn’t work so ill ignore it” brigade.

I,m a software engineer.

Problems need to get fixed not ignored.!

Best Regards,


I completely agree. Just to be clear, though, this forum isn’t meant for reporting issues with the software. Also, I’m not an Airtable employee. While Airtable staffers do frequent the forum, they prefer to have more serious issues brought to their attention directly, either via email or by using the in-app support submission system. Because the latter isn’t working for you, I would encourage you to report it via email. It’s very likely that it’s not a widespread problem (I used the built-in method to report an issue just yesterday), so they won’t know that it’s not behaving as designed unless issues like yours are reported.

Yeah it’s no big deal. I’m sure my version of chrome and edge are different to everyone elses. Maybe no one is reporting the issue, because no one can report the issue.

Thanks for pointing out this forum is not for reporting issues, but when the issue is that i cannot report any issues using the support link (in various places) (tested on various browsers) then i think this is the only place left to report issues